Tyler Hardison of Redhawk Security

Had such a great conversation recently with Tyler Hardison, the CTO of Redhawk Security. When I originally reached out to him for an interview in my book, I was primarily interested in what he had to say about DevSecOps and building security into the software lifecycle. What surprised me was the breadth of his experience – it ended up being a much different conversation than I was expecting. In this podcast we talk about what the formations of the Roman army can teach us about ideal team sizes, how to build a workable (not mean, not toothless) peer review, and how to lure and select the best talent.


 Some of what we talk about in the podcast:

  • How does Redhawk look at the 3 pillars of security?
  • How to find the best and brightest people – even in a smaller market like Central Oregon!
  • Microservices and a more pragmatic approach to partitioning out workloads

And the quote of the day – “If you look at your job now and there’s areas where you are just pulling levers, chances are that job is going to be automated and moved away from you. So be flexible!”

I think you’ll love this discussion, which dives a little deeper into some of the topics we covered in his case study in Achieving DevOps! A link to the interview is here – and it’s on the podcast platform of your choice.  We’re on all the major platforms now, including AnchorAppleGoogleSpotifyPocketCasts, and RadioPublic.





Enjoy the podcast!

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