Month: October 2014

Checking in on productivity…

Enjoyed this article here on how to best be effective at work. 5 simple rules:

  1. To-do lists are evil. Schedule everything.
  2. Assume you’re going home at 5:30, then plan your day backwards.
  3. Make a plan for the entire week.
  4. Do very few things, but be awesome at them.
  5. Do less shallow work — focus on the deep stuff.

On my part, my data diet was a kinda-success. Today for example I horsed around for a few minutes (checking up on the Simpsons, Slate, “news” that really isn’t, etc) – which really stretched into nearly 90 minutes. But that’s the exception and I’m determined not to make it a habit. I do have a simple plan for today and I will kick it – just 2 important things I’ll keep a focus on until it’s done. Working out and a new diet (in September I didn’t even have coffee!) has also been a big boost to my energy level.

That’s it for now. Got to get back to work!