Bio: Short Version: I'm married to the amazing (and amazingly forgiving) Jennifer, proud possessor of two amazing kids, crazy about all things trouty with fly fishing. I'm an Application Development Manager with Microsoft, and am based out of Portland, Oregon. Long Version: I grew up in Oregon, and moved down to California with the original goal of finishing my education in Civil Engineering, but I found application development and RDBMS systems much more exciting! I do miss the mountain biking in California and the awesome Mexican food, but Oregon is my home and I have never regretted moving back to start a family. Plus it gives me more time for fly fishing for trout and steelhead on the beautiful Deschutes river in central Oregon! 😉 Working for Microsoft has by far been the best experience of my professional life; it's great working with a group of people that are passionate about writing good code and continually improving development practices and firepower. Past assignments have included Providence Health Plans, Kroger, and managing a .NET development team at Columbia Sportswear. Working at Columbia in particular gave me a great customer-side perspective on the advantages that Azure offers a fast-moving development team, the dos and don’ts of agile development/scrum, and the cool rich Ux experiences that SPAs (Single Page Applications) can offer with Breeze, OData, WebAPI, and modern Javascript libraries. Microsoft did a fantastic job of engaging with Columbia and understanding our background and needs; I witnessed their teams win over an initially hostile and change-averse culture. The end result was a very satisfying and mutually beneficial partnership that allowed Columbia to build dynamic applications and services using best-of-breed architecture. I’m a MCDBA and a Certified Scrum Master.

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