Michael Stahnke of CircleCI

Had a great interview recently with Michael Stahnke of CircleCI! Back when I first met him, he was at Puppet – and I loved hearing his perspectives on continuous delivery and configuration management tools. Now he’s on to new things at CircleCI, as Platform VP.

As usual we range pretty far and wide. We cover communication and interpersonal relationships, the primary value of automation (hint – it’s not speed!), microservices, and hiring for compatibility. As he says – “One of my favorite DevOps tools is called ‘lunch’!”

We cover some ground here that we didn’t discuss in our interview in Achieving DevOps! A link to the interview is here – and it’s on the podcast platform of your choice. AppleGoogleSpotify, blah blah…. We’re on all the major platforms now, including AnchorAppleGoogleSpotifyPocketCasts, and RadioPublic.

Enjoy the podcast!

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