Month: July 2016

Portland 2016 DevOps day – wow, thanks!

Guys, had SUCH a blast last Friday at the DevOps roadshow!

Here’s some pix. I really owe Monu Bambroo, Derrick Cawthorn and the amazing Donovan Brown for coming down and buying out their time to spread awareness of DevOps and the answers we have here at Microsoft for this sea change.

If you’re interested in more, give me a holler. We do have that workshop on “DevOps Fundamentals” that in three days goes through setting up a complete release pipeline – way cool!


Some link goodness for you:

  1. Donovan’s site: Search for DevOps. There’s something for everybody at this site. For example, here’s a post describing how he went about setting up a demo for a group in New Zealand using Docker, Ubuntu Linux, Visual Studio, Selenium, etc. Way cool! There’s another good link here for how Deployment Slots play into your DevOps pipeline, another on “how many vendors does it take to implement DevOps?”, triggering a rollback based on user feedback during a release, where Powershell DSC fits in.


  1. Dave Harrison’s site is here. I’ve got some links here on “All Happy Families Are Alike“, “Devopoly“, “Cats and Dogs Living Together“, and “The Five Dysfunctions of DevOps“. These are lengthy but put together will give anyone a good overview of the Phoenix Project and Visible Ops.


  1. Last, may I recommend Channel 9? Here’s a 12 minute intro with Donovan Brown,  and an excellent three part series on Release Management – Part 1 (overview), Part 2 (RM architecture), and Part 3 (release pipelines). Outstanding, and will give you a nice overview of what we covered during DevOps Day in setting up Continuous Integration and build pipelines.