July 15th Premier Roadshow on DevOps – coming your way!


Way cool – at long last, we’re hosting a DevOps half day conference right here in Portland on July 15th!


The agenda below is set to change and we have some exciting guest speakers on their way. Get in touch with me and we will add you to the list of invitees!



  • Building a 3-Phase roadmap to sanity – and getting out of firefighting
  • Defining DevOps For YOUR Organization
  • Release Management Plain and Simple – Which Tool is Best?
  • Metrics Make It Happen – KPI’s You Can Use to Track Progress and Drive Success
  • Puppet, Chef, Octopus and Visual Studio – Better Together


As a movement, DevOps has now replaced Agile as the key factor in getting software builds out the door faster and safer. This workshop will help you define conditions of success for your organization and lay out a practical roadmap to change management. We’ll discuss features and advantages of leading DevOps tools and how to make sure your org culture and people can use these to best advantage to drive value and repeatability.


How to Register:

Dave Harrison

Microsoft Premier



Note: This program is in high demand and registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. You will be placed on a waitlist if the seminar is full.

Snacks and coffee / tea will be provided.


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