LaunchDarkly and feature flags

Had a friend ask me for some videos around Feature Flags. There’s no shame in admitting that I’m a huge fan of feature flags; it seems like one of those no-brainers when it comes to making releases faster and safer. Without them, I’m not sure how close we can possibly get to true “continuous delivery” even for smaller sized projects.

As I think some of you might be interested as well – here’s some videos and web references below. I hope to expand on this with some more in-depth demos down the road. This is going to come across like I’m shilling for LaunchDarkly. (In all fairness, I’m not the only person at MSFT that loves them.)  But when it comes to FF I’m not sure if there’s another vendor in that space that offers what they do.

And some more references from my book:

  • [harris] – “Using feature flags in your app release management strategy”, Richard Harris. App Developer Magazine, 4/19/2018. 

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