Four questions around testing and Microsoft’s progress with DevOps

I was at a conference earlier this week and we got some outstanding questions about how Microsoft went about their transformation – especially with the Azure DevOps team. I want to build on this with a followup post going into more depth on our use of culture and automation – but here’s a good place to start with some great links.

Question #1 – How do we handle planning on a strategic level with the more tactical focus of Agile?


Question #2 – How did Microsoft go about their transformation to DevOps from a shared services model?


Question #3 – What about testing? (This is usually one of our biggest blockers to improve release reliability and velocity – an unreliable, flaky test layer)

Question #4 – Production Support. Let’s say we have an Agile team, 8-12 people. How the heck are we supposed to do global support across multiple regions, 24x7x365 in production?

  • Short answer – the only way this will work is if you 1) make sure you’re only supporting a small sliver of functionality, 2) that you gate the support demands upon your devs so it’s <50% of their time i.e. the SRE model. More than likely you’re going to have some operational support – even offshore or 3rd party – handled externally to the team. 3) alerts are tuned so that only truly important things make it through. I talk about this extensively in my book; the books “The Art of Monitoring” and “Practical Monitoring” also elaborate on this.




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