John Weers of Micron Semiconductors

A great talk with John Weers of Micron Semiconductors. I think I interviewed about 2 dozen people for the book; John made more impact than anyone else. I owe John greatly – one of his emails ended up being the conclusion of my hero character’s story in the book!

The Micron story intrigued me because it’s not an “easy get” – fab facilities come with some unique constraints, including absurdly long lead times and absurdly expensive hardware, stringent security requirements, and a vast amount of legacy and technical debt to pay down. Micron is a $48B company with 36,000 employees; it simply doesn’t pivot like a startup pure software company can, and leadership has to be judicious with the bets they make.

Not just anyone can successfully maintain momentum with that kind of environment; John’s one of the best in the industry at engaging with software teams at their level and working cooperatively to meet goals. If you learn half as much as I did from our talk, you’ll find this hour of time to be very valuable. 

Here’s some of the topics we cover:

  • What John’s personal rendezvous with fate taught him about creating change and delivering on what really matters.
  • Balancing autonomy versus cohesion – how do we align without blindly enforcing rules?
  • How long does a good KPI last at Micron? What does John do to reset things when the numbers stop working?
  • Reputation is key – and that’s all based on how we treat people.
  • “If it comes easy, it doesn’t stick.”

I think you’ll love this discussion, which explores some of the topics we covered in his interview in Achieving DevOps! A link to the interview is here – and it’s on the podcast platform of your choice. AppleGoogleSpotify, blah blah…. We’re on all the major platforms now, including AnchorAppleGoogleSpotifyPocketCasts, and RadioPublic.

Enjoy the podcast!

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