Interview with Abel Wang, part 2!

On our podcast this week, we get a chance to chat with one of my good friends Abel Wang from Microsoft. This one was so GOOD we had to stretch it out into three parts to make it fit our podcast. You’re gonna love it!

(Click the links here for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)

Check out Part 1 and Part 3 for more…

  • [1:00] – Painful! Dave finally pronounces “hypothetical” correctly…
  • [2:24] – How does Microsoft power their experiments with telemetry? Abel talks about “doubling down” on success.
  • [5:39] – Engineers, stop negotiating on quality! Abel covers how to deliver estimates so unit testing and telemetry aren’t always on the chopping block.
  • [12:16] – “Quality is nonnegotiable… Quality has a cost. You have to be willing to pay it.”
  • [14:40] – “Not enough people are adding security to their release pipelines.”
  • [16:00] – We talk about pipelines, and how to handle managing interdependencies with versioning. “The complexity is well worth the cost!”


Click below to check out the podcast. We’re on all the major platforms now, including Anchor, Apple, Google, Spotify, PocketCasts, and RadioPublic.


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