DevOps and the game of Life.

Remember the old game of Life?

Pretty discouraging by the way. You work, you work, go to college / don’t go to college, pick up fellow travelers/family members – and at the end they add up your score. You either end up in a nice big house or a smaller one, and – what? Is that “winning”? Valuing things just by the money you’ve earned along the way, or the house you get with creaky knees and an enlarged prostate – well, that seems pretty empty to me.

The last time I gave a presentation on DevOps, I remember thinking how short I came up. I was talking about how certain cultures are very resistant to change. Most of the audience were died-in-the-wool developers, and had no problems jumping on the DevOps bandwagon. But they were frustrated at the lack of power they had to change the culture they were in. I remember making some noises about “keeping on trying” and the like.

I can say that I have seen even very resistant cultures change over time. And there’s been some great articles on building up a community of practice on DevOps from the ground up. So, free thinking a little, I went thru that blog post on guerilla-type subversive DevOps efforts – and combined it with the excellent writeup on some anti-patterns, and tried to make a game of it.

I was only mildly successful. See below – that’s as far as I’m getting for now. It’s a pretty lame game. Needs some work. But, there it is…

Between this and the articles I’m looking through on our new Release Management capabilities – it’s busy times here! Hope you are doing well as well.




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