Web Deploy hijinks

I always used to do a file system x-deploy to copy a web app from local out to QA/PROD. But that involved manually changing the web.config and is fraught with manual steps (i.e. errors). So, if you’re getting errors on running deployments, try the following to access Web Deploy 2.0

  1. Remote desktop onto the target IIS webserver
  2. Go into IIS Manager
  3. Right click on the site, and select Deploy, “Configure Web Deploy Publishing”
  4. Click on Setup – > it will create a PublishSettings file locally on the desktop. Copy this to your local system and use this in Visual Studio (manage publish settings in Publish)

Web deployment notes: http://blogs.iis.net/msdeploy/archive/2011/04/05/announcing-web-deploy-2-0-refresh.aspx

From this article – find out if your settings are correct:

  • Click on the Web Site in IIS – select Features tab.
  • IIS Manager permissions icon.
  • IIS Manager Permissions, Action, Allow User – and add your user name.




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