Messing around with ListViews

I do like this simple walkthrough here on ListViews. Note it’s much easier to scaffold this stuff without sprocs – MSFT seems to be (esp with innovations in EF, Code-First and POCO) moving away from old-school procedural logic in our business layer. (there’s an accompanying article showing inserts/updates).

Notice how easy VS makes it for us to scaffold out ListViews as we would a Controller/View in MVC using EF. Basically it’s a three step process:

  1. Drag on a ListView, and view it in Design Mode. click on the SmartTag on the right, and select Choose a data source. Fill in a SELECT statement.
  2. Select Advanced and generate Insert, Update, and Delete statements.
  3. Go back to Configure Listview in the smart tag and select the Enable Editing, Inserting, and Deleting checkboxes, and pagination if you swing that way.
  4. Treat yourself to a Banquet Beer. (added this last one)

VS adds in a TON of coding here without you having to lift a finger, or slave away over a hot stove writing sprocs. And, you can replace this down the road with sprocs if you so desire and use it as a template. Super groovy…

So, that’s good for generating plain vanilla listviews like the below. What if, shudder, you want to extend it a little?

I’m embarrassed to say, it took me a few hours yesterday to figure out which events I should hook into – and ListView has a TON of them – to update/save rows on my listview. I’m attaching the code below – suffice to say, the _DataBound, _ItemInserting and _ItemUpdating are your friends here. See the following code…. the main page is here.

More details – another halfway decent post:


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