“So and So Is Not a Valid Script Name.”

I was going to have this post be about SignalIR, but due to various things… just didn’t happen today. Long story short, I ended up creating a new project from scratch – only I had it be a MVC project with Webforms tacked on, versus the other way around – and added all the references I needed to get Metro-Bootstrap to work. Along the way, I decided to do some refactoring and moved everything under /docs and /css to the Content folder – I dislike having CSS elements scattered every which way. However, I got this funky message:

‘Jquery is not a valid script name. Must end in .js” – or the like.

Hmm. Well, I went into NuGet and updated everything I could think of. Then I went to the BundleConfig class, Global.asax, and Web.config – and looked for where I was registering the prefix “jquery”.

Long story short, this was fixed by in NuGet adding packages for AspNet.ScriptManager.jQuery as below (and I added the *.WebForms as well). This handled the registration and added the correct javascript to the Scripts folder. This was a real pain until I nailed it down, and I wanted to pass it on.