Theming It Up! I love you Bootstrap, never leave me alone again…


So, here’s my “second version” of my site. Using plain vanilla Bootstrap. Barf, urf, yuck.

How do I kinda beef this up look-wise without spending half a lifetime in CSS-land?

Well, I tried using some of the free Metro themes. And, it looked… better but still really plain.


So, cough up $10 or so and get a professional’s assistance. I went through probably about 20 designs and ended up setting – for the bargain-basement price of $8 – on the Atropos theme. (It just looked a little more professional than the 2nd place winner, Flanzo – if I wanted something a little more forward-looking I would have gone with Clean or – something I really like in terms of look – Smart.

Anyway I just took the embedded HTML assets – which are actually nicely organized – and dropped them into my root folder and built it. Stripped out some pieces piece by piece and – looky here!


I’m not a UX expert – that’s a legitimate and very-little understood specialty – and I don’t like pretending to be one. Paying an expert a few bucks to pop together a great looking site, where I can drop in some simple HTML – and have it work on any device, FAST, is a great plus.

Still looking for UX ideas? A friend put together a GREAT looking site – again using Bootstrap – here: – feel free to give that a look. That’s a clean user interface, and it looks GREAT on a mobile device.


Themes I looked through





jquery and bootstrap hassles…



Had an issue the other day where I was creating a new project (part of spring cleanup!) and adding in security like I wanted. Then this bad boy came around:

‘jquery’ is not a valid script name.  The name must end in ‘.js’.

Hmmm. What causes this?


Look at Global.asax – see the BundleConfig pointer?


So, this gives us our starting place. We need to make changes to BundleConfig.cs (under App_Start) and the Site.Master page.


So for example to add a “bootstrap” name we can point to in our site master, we use the following snippet:

ScriptManager.ScriptResourceMapping.AddDefinition(“bootstrap”, new


Path = “/scripts/bootstrap.min.js”,

DebugPath = “/scripts/bootstrap.js”,

LoadSuccessExpression = “bootstrap”



Now in Site.Master the following ScriptReferences should work with no errors: