Pomodoro. Maybe start small?

Saw a great blog post today on boosting productivity using Pomodoro. This works very well for programmers especially where we are faced with multiple tasks coming at us all at once – or a major project where we are having trouble breaking it into little pieces. It integrates very well with Agile and Kaizen-based principles and techniques. And it couldn’t be simpler – all you need is a timer. The idea is, by having 25 minute chunks of focus time on work, followed by a break, you’ll get more done each day – with less churn.

(from Wikipedia)

One of my life goals is to write a novel. Actually getting off my rear end and writing is proving to be something of a challenge. I downloaded Simple Pomodoro today from the Google app store to my phone, and linked it to Google Keep in a few simple steps. Now I am churning through some pages, 25 minutes at a time – my goal is 6 “focus times” in a day. AMAZING progress! Give it a try.



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