Just a few thoughts before I go…

… back to bed that is. 103 degree fever and I’m finding it VERY hard to get any kind of work done.


On the plus side, I’m rediscovering my love of junk 80’s science fiction. Interstellar Pig and The Man Who Never Missed didn’t age too well – I remember loving those books as a teen. But Harry Harrison, you are STILL a genius. Love the Deathworld trilogy, it’s everything I could ever want. And that West of Eden series is a masterpiece. Genuinely got choked up at the end, it’s wistful and tragic with the lost potential. How he could build such a dynamic alien culture is beyond me. I miss those days and it seems like creativity like that – real craftsmanship – doesn’t exist anymore. Where are books like that anymore?

I am going through my goals for the year and what it will take to have My Best Year Ever. I’ll keep y’all posted.

And, did you know it’s incredibly easy to set up RM in the cloud with VSO? Here’s your link candy.


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