Getting caught up in February… the Disapproval Matrix and public speaking tips

A few quick notes before I have to go…

And I love the Disapproval Matrix (otherwise known as the Quadrant of Criticism) here – although it contains salty language.

Our initial reaction on receiving criticism is to 1) attach the critic or 2) retreat into a hole and say, “I stink and everything I’ve ever done is worthless!” Neither is a good reaction. Instead, like the Arabs say – “when you drink water, consider the source”. Consider if the person 1) knows you and 2) is rational. If they know you and are rational, they’re Friends. If they don’t know you and are rational, they’re Critics. Both are valuable and should be evaluated – we’re not perfect and course corrections are necessary in life. (Imagine a driver on the freeway that refused to never change course!) If they’re irrational and either know you or don’t – IGNORE THEM.

Saw a great article from a MSFT architect on public speaking. Here’s his tips:

  1. Think about presenting things in a new way or light.
  2. Start strong. You have 30-90 seconds or you’ll lose them.
  3. Have something to say. What’s your key point?
  4. Say it well.
  5. Stick the landing. (leave them with the 1 thing they need to hear.)
  6. Practice.
  7. Be yourself.
  8. Don’t let your audience steal your energy. Don’t look at that guy yawning in the fourth row for example.

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