Science cannot move forward without heaps!

So today I was having an issue where the site would build perfectly locally, but would burp up garbage when I published it out to DEV. So, after messing around with the source code a little, I started back at the beginning, with a raw HTML page, then built a master page, and voila – the issue was in something I’d missed in migrating the CSS code over from an older site. Now I could build my monument to CSS3/HTML5 while ignoring the piles of dead code littered along the path behind. Reminds me of that classic Futurama quote:

Professor Farnsworth: “This time I’m sure I fixed the mind-switcher.”

Amy: Good. I’m sick of cleaning up those heaps of dead rhesus monkeys!”

Professor Farnsworth: “Science cannot move forward without heaps!”


An interesting article on the ultimate dead end of ‘truthiness’ here – Language and the Cheshire Grin of Donald Rumsfeld: “…He was trying to articulate a philosophy, and in articulating the philosophy he was basically saying things that he believed but which made no sense. I think that’s probably the best way to describe it. He knew these expressions. He wrote this to the president of the United States: “The absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence.” … Then all of a sudden the ballistic missile commission picks it up, and Rumsfeld runs with it, and it’s trucked out during the run-up to the Iraq war.  UN weapons inspector goes to Iraq and can’t find any evidence of a WMD—that’s not absence of evidence, that’s direct evidence that the suspected WMDs are simply not there. The way I describe it is that it’s like someone tells you there’s an elephant in the room. You open the door and you look in the room, you open the closets, you look under the bed, you go through the bureau drawers, and you don’t find an elephant. Is that absence of evidence or evidence of absence? I would submit it’s the latter. But this gobbledygook use of nomenclature and terminology just creates endless confusion, vagueness, ambiguity—and I would submit that they kept doing this with respect to everything.” 


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