What I’m into at the moment…

What I’m thinking about: The Oregon coast. I love the elder moss-covered trees bending over the current.Image

What I’m listening to: A lot of Metric, Damien Jurado, Beth Orton, and the Raconteurs. The Black Keyes. The Blue Foundation, Bobby Bland, KT Tunstall. Bless you, Pandora.

What I’m watching: Doc Martin, from Britain. You have to love a grumpy guy who says what everybody else is thinking. He’s also a horrible human being who’s suffering from arrested development (another great show.)

What I’m reading: A lot of John Gierach, who never gets old. John’s best when read aloud by a fire, or while in a car to your family. I can’t get over how natural and fluid his writing is.

What I’m doing: Trying to work out about 3-4 times a week, and eating healthy. (Mixed success on both fronts). And I’m really enjoying getting back in touch with my inner nerd after four years of project management. Development = creativity = solving problems == bliss. I’m not saying I’d do it for FREE, you understand, but it doesn’t really feel like work at this point.



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